Plein Air: Connecting to the Land

Isabell Fearnsby's plein air painting, "Antonelli's Pond" is published in this book along with the many beautiful artists that took part in the show, Plein Air: Connecting to the Land at the Pajaro Valley Arts Council. 

To find a copy of the book, you can click on the image or go to this url:

Luna 13 Photography by

Kalie Illana Koa Cassel-Feiss:

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Balance Within Nutrition

with Brooke Kaufman

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Weaving Women (click on image to the right to go directly to site:) 

Inspired by an all women's weaving coยทop in Guatemala, and their dedication to gain economic empowerment through the use of Mayan weaving techniques with plant & vegetable dyes, connects these sacred weavings with a larger community.  Not only does this contribute to the weavers' goals of  better education  and life opportunities for their families, it is supporting a tradition of  making things that is quickly becoming endangered.

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