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I have two plein air pieces in "Our Bounty, Plein Air:"

"American Art Collector, Juried Competition of New Work 2019:"

I am happy to announce I am the 

Elegant Artisan Featured Artist, March 2016

"We all have sparkling moments of appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us in the world. But not all of us are able to grab that grace and hold onto it long enough to preserve it with oil paints on canvas.


Isabell K.Fearnsby is one who engages in that on a regular basis. She has solid footing in the upper echelon of highly-talented artists. She demonstrates, through her work, that talent doesn't just flow from the hands onto a surface; it makes its first appearance through our eyes. We have to see beauty first, and then perceive it as such. Then, if we're inspired, we morph what we've seen and experienced into a work of art...."

Please go to the Elegant Artisan Featured Artist, March 2016  to continue this article. 

Here is a link to the Elegant Artisan Gallery

Thank you, Michelle Reynolds of Elegant Artisan!


American Art Collector, Juried Competition of New Work 2016:

Thank you Arts Council Santa Cruz County for offering the Develop Grant to local Artists and Arts organizations and for choosing me as one of this years recipicants!


Member, Santa Cruz Art League

Society of Western Artists

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